Storage Performance Appears To Degrade After Upgrading To Later Service Packs

I am seeing the perfomance drop while re-certifying our Cisco Appliance for HANA for newer SLES for SAP Appl 15 Sp2. I am trying to adapt this our single node Cisco UCS system with LSI 12G SAS Raid Controller.
Currently I see with SLES 15 for SAP appl Sp2 the value of /sys/block/sda/queue/max_sectors_kb is set to 512 to default. I matring to use the KB article and trying to use the instructions to set the value to 1280 as recommended. But I am unable to do so. Can you please help!!

Hello pramrama,
What are you doing that you are not able to do, and what about are you getting when doign this ?
I would suggest that if you get stuck you reach out to your SUSE Technical Account Manager for support,
Best regards