StrongSwan Support for Namespace - Is it necessary to use the compile time options

Using strongSwan swanctl 5.8.2
As per the strongswan wiki page, StrongSwan needs to be compiled with the following option to support network namespace followed by the creation of run directories.

  • “-sysconfdir=/etc and --with-piddir=/etc/ipsec.d/run.”.

I would like to know if there any other ways to support the namespaces other than recompiling from source code. Would like to consume the SUSE as it comes without rebuilding it again with this option.

The additional questions I have are

  1. If there is any other way to enable these options at run time.
  2. Why not StrongSwan by default coming as namespace enabled. Are there any caveats attached to this approach?

Thanks ahead!
Piyush T

Any recomendation?