struggling with client registration


I’m currently trying to add my first SLES12SP5 system to a new installed SUSE Manager 4.1

First problem is the root access via SSH because the access is not allowed. When I use a non-root user the registration process tries to use sudo. But in the documentation I could only find information how to register via sudo in the Ubuntu section. And the sudoers example there (it only allows python) is not working.

To go on I allowed root access but now the registration seems to miss the salt packages. So I added the SLE-Module-Adv-Systems-Management12 repo. Unfortunately this is not mentioned as prereq and none of my already running SLES systems has this repo active ;-(

So I have a tool which should manage my systems but first I have to active on seach server an Addon? Why is the package not part of the base system? Compared with ansible this is not smooth.

Now the registration was successful but 2h later there is still no system in the overview ;-( And I have no idea what I could check to identify the root cause for that.

Any ideas how to solve me three problems (sudo, Adv-Systems-Mgmt Addon, where is my system)?

Hi Achim,
the general process to manually onboard your client would be:

  • mirror the product channels from SCC (Admin - > Setup Wizard → Products)
  • make sure the “bootstrap repository” for SLES12SP5 got created… with 4.1, this should happen automatically, but it would do no harm to rerun “mgr-create-bootstrap-repo” explicitly. If SLES 12 SP5 doesn’t show up in the list, make sure you’re mirroring the product correctly (and that mirroring has finished at least once)
  • create an activation key that references your SLES 12 SP5 base channel (upstream or a channel clone you may have created)
  • create “”, if not already in place in /srv/www/htdocs/pub/bootstrap, via i.e “mgr-bootstrap --activation-key <your key, i.e. 1-sles12sp5> --script /srv/www/htdocs/pub/bootstrap/”
  • transfer the script to the new client (i.e. “curl -o /root/ http://your.suma/pub/bootstrap/” or via scp)
  • run the script on your client
    For reference, see

From your description, my guess would be that you don’t have the bootstrap repository available. Running the script manually should give you more details.