Stuck at "Finishing Upgrade"

I’m running Rancher 1.0.2 and my environment is using cattle.

I have an app running and working for months already. I started using the version tags explicitly a few months ago so I could more easily know what I’ve got deployed[*].

I decided to upgrade because there’s a newer version of this image available. I usually choose “Upgrade” from the service menu, replace the version tag (in my case “8.14.0”) with the new one (“8.14.2”), and wait a little while until the new container is up and running.

Today I made a mistake and typed in “8.14.4”. That tag does not exist. Rancher is now stuck on a loop trying to start it up, failing, then retrying. The service says it’s “Finishing Upgrade (in progress)” and containers keep getting created and then removed.

I had an option “Cancel Upgrade” but that didn’t help at all. Now it’s still stuck on the same loop, but I have no options to cancel nor anything.

So, first question is: do I have some way to get out of this mess? I don’t want to rebuild the container (got everything backed up but it’s a PITA and I shouldn’t have to do this).

Second question: anybody know if 1.1 or 1.2 might help with this?

This is so frustrating. I’m starting to haste FontAwesome’s fa-spinner.

[*] it’s Gitlab and I’m using sameersbn/gitlab:8.14.0

I ended up cloning it to fix it…

Thanks! Cloning did help me too in the same situation