Stuck in NotReady Status

Hi folks,

I’m installing harvester v0.2.0 on HPE Proliant DL360G7 Servers. After the installation the Head Node seems to be stuck on NotReady as it’s Current Status. Does anyone know where I can find logs or any info on why it could be stuck? Any workarounds?

Thanks in advanced.

Is it really stuck? I had the same on the Harvester console however the GUI just works in a browser and seems all working fine.

It’s strange, on one install it will sit at “NotReady” with no access to the gui, in another instance it will say “Ready” but the management URL is “Unavailable” despite using DHCP or Static IPs (v0.2.0). The only nodes that seem to come up with no issue are the worker nodes, this is only an issue I’m finding in the head node.

Okay so lessons learned: Even when it says “NotReady” log into the gui anyway. It still seems to allow you to access the gui. Upon reaching the GUI, it will present you with a Username and Password login field; while this is up, keep an eye on the server screen as it will switch to “Ready”. At that point you can refresh the page and you’ll be presented with the “change admin password” page, and from there you’ll be able to access Harvester’s UI and add nodes with no issue.