Subscriptions mismatching OnPrem SUMA / SCC okay

On Suma 4.3.7 on the Home page there is following message:
### You have subscriptions that need attention.
Following the link to the ‘Subscription Matching’ page, the message says:

## Your subscriptions

No subscriptions found.

## Match data status

Match data is computed via a task schedule, nightly by default (you can change the task schedule from the administration page).

Latest successful match data was computed 6 hours ago, you can trigger a new run by clicking the button below.

On SCC there are valid subscriptions till 3 Nov 2023 shown.

I did have some time, where the Virtual Host Managers (VMware) had certificate / logon problems. Got it fixed and the ESX hosts and VMs are recognized again. Also the messages (Subscription Matching) assuming the “virtuell systems might be physical” are gone now.

How can the Suma get the correct subscriptions from SCC?


How can I get a re-registration thru SUMA done?