Problems getting channels


if just installed an eval version of Server Manager 2.1 to a new VM and updated it the newest version and moved it from NCC to SCC.
Everything worked fine and system is up to date.

The system is registered and visible in my SCC account.
Everything seems fine until here.

Next step would be getting all the channels and product subscriptions but this is where I fail.

I’m currently using 2 SCC Organizations one just for SuSE Manager and the other one from my company with subscriptions for SLES and SLED
I’ve added both via

mgr-sync add credentials
and run mgr-sync refresh after that, no error everything done.

But I can’t see any channels or products per

mgr-sync list products
mgr-sync list channels

what’s wrong?
Did i forget something

Thanks for help and kind regards

seems to be a problem with the update and migraton from NCC to SCC.
I’ve reinstalled the System and didn’t do the upgrade and migration, everything works fine.

Took a snapshot from the System, did the upgrade and migration → same Problems
Roll back, everything fine.