SuMa max traditional clients (no salt)


has anyone experience with large installation?

I read that the SuMa provides about 1000 Clients

Scaling SUSE Manager

I did not use the salt stack of the SuMa. So the Database may have less data to handle…
Also I want use the SuMa Proxys. But these (so I understand) did not cover the client handling as itself.

So my question is, have anyone much more than 1000 clients managed with just some SuMa instance? If yes, performed it good and how many Clients a registered?

thank you

regards Tino

1 SUMA + 1 Proxy for 4000 systems (salt)

Okay thank you. Thats sound even more :slight_smile:

[{“insert”:"We have customers with more than 30K Salt minions.
The Hub (introduced in SUSE Manager 4.1 beta 1) is a multi-Server solution that scales to hundreds of thousands of Salt minions.