Support of linux kernel for rhel

I was installing rancher agents(v1.6.10) on top of rhel 7.1 with kernel 3.10.0-229.7.2.el7.x86_64 and docker 1.12.6, but “docker exec” and “docker cp” are not working for the containers deployed through catalog. But with a higher version of kernel, it works. But I want to run with default rhel kernel(3.10.0-229) itself. Is it possible to do some changes to make it work?


Any kernel below 3.10.0-514 has proven to be very bad running with Docker, I would not recommended going down this path.

Also, RHEL 7.1 and kernel 3.10.0-229 was released on 2015-03-05. Another reason not to want to work with this version anymore.

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If you’re able to justify moving to Oracle Linux you will find that they provide a regularly updated 4.x kernel alongside the RedHat compatible kernel. Simply enable the UEKR4 repository and install the kernel-uek package.

Licensing is similar to RHEL in that you’ll have to pay for enterprise support, but personal, self-supported use is free. Converting from RHEL to OL can be done in-place with a script provided by Oracle.

We currently run RHEL 7.4 and docker 17.06.1, on Rancher 1.6.10 with no problem.

However we have successfully run on RHEL versions back to 7.2 with earlier versions of Rancher and docker.