Suse 12 subvolume creation when root and boot are different

Hi all,

I have installed SuSE 12 where root and boot are different file systems. The root is BTRFS and boot is ext4. This installation has subvolumes for root.

Subvolumes can be created only on btrfs file systems. According to the documentation one needs to give a absolute path for creating a subvolume. For eg:

btrfs subvolume create /boot/grub2/NEWSUBVOL

Which means that the subvolume will be created inside directory /boot/grub2.
However since /boot is not a btrfs file system, above command errors out with:

ERROR: cannot create subvolume - Inappropriate ioctl for device

However during the installation OS creates 2 subvolumes under /boot/grub2.

:~ # btrfs subvolume list /
ID 258 gen 245750 top level 257 path boot/grub2/i386-pc
ID 259 gen 235020 top level 257 path boot/grub2/x86_64-efi

Any pointers for handling this situation?


Hi All,

Yesterday I freshly installed suse 12 on my machine where root and boot are different file systems. The installation gave me a warning that the cross mounts of root subvolumes will shadow the boot and vice-a-verse.
So I believe that nobody will configure their system with cross mounts.

Earlier setup was done by somebody else and that person must have ignored the warning. Sorry for the confusion.

Sorry for the confusion.

And thanks all for replying to this thread.