Suse 15 to create zypper repo


I need to setup local repository on the suse master server

To setup repository with OS patches and SW on suse VM master server
periodically update that repository
point all client suse VMs to install patches and SW from the repo of master server

can Use or copy to the other dir: /etc/zypp/repos.d ?

Below are the points for more explanation:

  1. need to create the local repository on my master suse VM
  2. download all patches and SW from suse repository into my local repository
  3. point all my local suse VMs into the repository form my master suse VM
  4. to install patches on my suse VMs form form my master server local repository(NOT from suse Repository)
  5. every 4 - 5 weeks update and download new patches/SW on my master server repository and do it all over again

@emp0001 Hi, so your running SUSE Manager on your ‘master’ server? If not look at using RMT