Suse Cloud4 Update Repositories with SMT or DVD

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my skills in the language „English“ ist not very good. I try to communicate.

I try to Install Suse Cloud 4 on an SLES 11 SP3. Now I am by the „Administrator Server“ installation. I use the Suse Cloud 4 Documentation.

Can I get the update repositories for free when I use the SMT Server, or is this contained in the 60 days free Software-Maintenance?

I got the error followed by install the Update Repositories during the Cloud Install,

Error: SLES-SP3-Pool does not contain the right repository (/srv/tftp/repos/SLES11-SP3-Pool/repodata/products.xml is missing summary ‘suse linux enterprise server 11 sp3’)

Now my question:

Does the followed text from the Suse Cloud 4 Documentation mean that the update repositories not can sync with the DVD- Installations- Medium and I need absolutely the SMT for example?

( Followed Text )
Since the product repositories (for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 and SUSE Cloud 4) do not change during the life cycle of a product they can be copied to the destination directory from the installation media. The update repositories however, need to be kept in sync with their sources, the Novell Customer Center. SUSE offers two products taking care of synchronizing repositories and making them available within your organization: SUSE Manager ( and Subscription Management Tool (SMT,

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The update repository is not part of the media, you really need to make it available. The 60 day eval subscription will give you access to it.