SuSE CVE FIltration - Identifying Correct Distribution

Hey Everybody,

I’ve tried checking what is the exact distribution of my Open SuSE MicroOS machine. In the ‘/usr/lib/os-release’ file the operation system version is:

NAME=“openSUSE MicroOS”
ID_LIKE=“suse opensuse opensuse-tumbleweed”

The problem is that the version is “20211224”, which is meaningless to me. I expected the version to be “MicroOS 5.0”, “MicroOS 5.1” or such.

Identifying the correct OS distribution is critical to me for filtering out CVEs, because the fixed versions are provided per OS distribution, as can be observed in this CVE: CVE-2021-33909 | SUSE

Is there a way to find the precise OS Distribution? Or at least be able to map the provided version “20211224” to the OS Distribution version (such as 5.0)?