SUSE Manager - Oracle Linux channel - Use of filters


I’m currently evaluating SUSE Manager for our company to investigate if we could start using it for patching our oracle linux clients running in the AWS cloud (clients running SAP).

As the SAP application requires specific patching, e.g. Oracle Linux 8.5, I was looking at using filters based on the patch release date.

As a base channel I use the standard “oraclelinux8 for x86_64” base channel provided by SUSE.
In my Content Lifecycle I created a filter in which I exclude all patches released on or after “10-MAY-2022” (the day version 8.6 was released).

When I perform a client OS update though it is upgraded to 8.6. So it seems the filter is not working.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is this not the correct way to do this ?
How can I filter out a specific OS release from the base channel (which holds the latest version) ?

Hope anyone can help.

Kind regards,

Peter Bertels