Suse Enterpirse Server 11 SP3: zypper in dovecot

What do I need to do to add dovecot the correct way? I have an AWS(Amazon Web Services) instance running SLES 11 SP3.

On a previous instance I had compiled the source, and it appeared to install without any problems, but it was installed as a user application.

The tutorial I am following to setup a mail server says it should be in /etc just like postfix is.

When I type “zypper in dovecot” it fails to load anything. All the Google search results for SUSE are for desktop versions.

I have done this for now:
I add this repo:

zypper ar

I then typed:

zypper in dovecot

It gave the warning that it disabled php-extensions for some reason:

Refreshing service 'susecloud'. Error building the cache: [|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s) Warning: Disabling repository 'php-extensions' because of the above error.
I would love to hear the correct procedure for adding dovecot. I am just winging it for now.

Do you have a SLES repository setup from which zypper can do the install?
‘zypper lr’ should probably show you, or else you can go into Yast:
Software: Software Repositories and see what is listed there, then add the
SLES DVD1 media if not there.

Good luck.

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