SLES11 SP3 update failed

Hi I have an SLES11 former SP2 now almost SP3, seems to work but cant use yast or zypper etc.
I was updating the server an used an RDP connection to an onsite service-machine that I updated using an zypper procedure that I found in SuSE KB. I lost connection to the service-machine and i think it went unexpectedly into an restart.
Needless to say my server is strange it seems to work for most parts but i can not open Yast 1 or 2 or run zypper these apps do not seem to exist an if i try to in stall them with rpm I end up in an endless dependency loop.
The server is running as an 32 bit vhost on VmWare an unfortunately I do not have an snapshot.

What do you gus reccomend tis servers role is; directory server, internal DNS, dhcp, home folders(residing on an NAS) and samba, and samba not really working for OSes after XP despite all SP’s and upgrades + patches.
What do you think is the most sensible route to proceed.