SUSE Linux Ent 12 installed on VMware 7, reboots frequently automatically

VM is installed with SUSE linux Ent 12 on vmware 7 HP server. After the login prompts comes in the console the OS again goes in reboot mode after 1-2 mins. Able to login to the node till automatic reboot happens. Any suggestion to resolve it?

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Can you confirm the SP release of SLES 12 cat /etc/os-release?
vSphere 7 supports SLES 12 SP2-SP5, vSphere 7 legacy supports SLES 12 and SP1.

Hi Malcolm, thanks for the response.
Its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2.
Not sure which process triggers the auto reboot after an interval.

@Raja only place to look is down in /var/log should be previous boot messages, else if can run the likes of journalctl -f to see what is happening and may catch the reboot. The other is coredumpctl.

When running journalctl -f, it shows preparing for reboot and then services are stopped and goes in reboot. Not sure which process is putting it on reboot after an interval.

@Raja if you look at the time of the reboot, you should be able to go back through the log with journalctl to look for the reboot event. The system is just booting to runlevel 3 (console), not runlevel 5 (graphical).