SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - NAS


i have question, i am interested in using SUSE - server version as a kind of NAS. My demands are connection from all possible devices (wifi and cable), for example iPad, phone with android, tablet with android and also PC with Windows or Mac. Is this configuration even possible. I am starting with Linux server operation system, so i am not sure if it is even possible and i dont want to loose few months of my life to figure that it is not possible. I dont expect some manual how to do it, i will be very happy with just answer yes or no and possible links to articles where i can find how to do it.

Thanks for help

If what you’re after is some kind of system that can be connected-to by
anything else, sure SLES can do it. It may help to better-understand some
of the business case and intended use with regard to protocols. For
example, you could an SMB service which can be accessed from
laptops/desktop, and an FTP service which can be accessed by anything with
a browser. You could setup a Novell Filr service on SLES which has
clients for those various platforms and has some really great features
around access from those clients.

Good luck.

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Hi zack666666,

in addition to ab’s reply, there are installations where SLES is used as NAS - i.e. here :wink: Your main task will be to find out which piece of server software will provide the services you need (though most of the stuff will be covered by Samba & NFS) and how to provide the proper configuration to support clients that rely of some company-specific “wierdness”.

Please note that you’re posting to the SLED forum, which is for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop - you’d probably be better off continuing this discussion in