SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Unsupported Extras 11

We are running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 on our servers. A recent scan via Rapid 7 showed many critical issues. When delving deeper the distros listed as exploitable show
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Unsupported Extras 11. I am trying to figure out if our version has Unsupported Extras or if that is a specific version of Suse or if all version 11 has this.

I did google and google and could not get a definitive answer!

There is a ‘extras’ repository eg “SLES11-Extras for x86_64 SLES-SP3”

Remember a lot of scanners just look at version numbers and not the
changelogs of backported fixes.

Do you have specific CVE’s the application shows as vulnerable?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° LFCS, SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 GNOME 3.10.1 Kernel 3.12.39-47-default
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