SUSE Manager 3.2 installation

Who it may concern

Reading the SUSE Manager 3.2 installation manual, is the following virtual environments still supported ?

VMware and
Hyper-V ?

I did previously installed SUSE Manager 2.1 on a VMware vCentre.

Hi plaubscher,

from the SUSE Manager 3.2 release notes (

Lacking any other listed constraints, I’d say it is supported on VMware and Hyper-V, as long as running the base OS (SLES 12 SP3) on your specific virtualization platform is supported.

But for a formal support statement, please contact SUSE directly, i.e. via your sales rep - this forum is intended as a user-to-user forum and while SUSE folks to stop by to help out many times, it still isn’t recognized as a formal support channel.


Yes, this is supported (under the SLES 12 SP3 constraint mentioned above).