SuSE_Manager Fails at Install - Creating SSL Certificates

We are attempting to evaluate the SuSE_Manager product in earnest and are repeatedly having the installation process hang/fail when it gets to the Creating SSL certificates stage … or it may be the step following that (?) - no log files are evident under /var/log as suggested …

Various installations have been performed with varying environments - all in VMWare - (workstation and ESX). Networking environmnets, password lengths and types, memory settings and various other parameters have been tweaked to no avail. We have tried the base OS install - then patch - then configure as well as the complete install configure before patching - same results.

Any suggestions would be most welcome


For any interested folk out there - a simple casue to this problem was identified as follows:

When entering details for the certificates in the SuSE Manager configuration steps - make sure you use a valid country code (this is a vailidated field however the frontend does not give feedback) I was using UK instead of GB which broke the installation!!!

Thanks to the kind folk at SuSE for the fix suggestion!

Thanks very much, “bharris”. I was having this problem as well, and wondering what was going wrong.
Changed “UK” to “GB” as you suggest, and my Suse Manager install is speeding on now.