SUSE Mgr 3.0 - Feature Request

Please consider a “execute/launch now” option for scheduled tasks.

I’ have a task I schedule immediately (at the time it was submitted) and I’ve been waiting over a hour for it to start.

SUSE Manager 2.1, prior to integration with Salt’s product, allowed you to
do this kind of thing via an SSH Push. With SUSE Manager 3.0, if you use
the Salt integration (rather than the traditional integration which was
there in 2.x) then actions can be immediate. With 2.x and 3.x there is
also the OSA Dispatcher on the SUSE Manager box, and corresponding ‘osad’
service on client machines, which allows the main box to let clients know
something can be done “right now”, for better and worse. It works well
with a few (hundred) clients, but after that you start throttling your
SUSE Manager box because you have hundreds or thousands of connections
suddenly made if you push something out to many boxes.

In the meantime, the way that the traditional integration works is that
there is an rhn_check executable that looks for something new to do, by
default every four hours. This can be turned down as low as every one
hour, but no lower, so that’s where things like SSH Push, or osad, or the
new Salt pieces come into play.

Maybe I’m not understanding your request; care to elaborate on your
business case?

Good luck.

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