SUSE MGr3.1 & CentOS7

I’m following this

on getting CentOS7 registered in SUSE Mgr but i’m stuck on the last step.

Make sure these lines get added to your bootstrap script so it is included at time of registration/bootstrap ahead of the ‘yum clean all’ line:

Download the .repo file for the client so the prerequisites are in place for registration

curl -Sks http:///pub/repositories/centos7/centos7-client.repo >> /etc/yum.repos.d/centos7-client.repo

The “yum clean all” line referenced doesn’t exist in the current bootstrap script 3.1 is using. I’m guessing the script has changed a little. Can anyone verify that the steps in this article are still correct ?


Here is a much more involved instructions that contain the first article’s instruction. Looks like it was expanded as SUSE Mgr has.

You have to modify the bootstrap script yourself to add
yum clean all
The wiki entry is still valid. I wrote it.