Suse Pro 9.3 NVIDIA issues

I’m sure this is a blast from the past, but we have a really old piece of software that has to run on Suse 9.3 so we installed it on an older Desktop with an NVS 295 and it runs great, but only once. We installed NVIDIA drivers for unix 304 and if we start up the desktop in the same session as the install, GNOME starts right up and there’s no issues. However, if we reboot it, a desktop refuses to come up. Always just fails back into the prompt. If we rerun the NVIDIA installer, the desktop comes up and we can use it. It’s a decent method of just rerunning the install every time, but it’s time consuming. We checked everything we could think of that might be changing anything on boot, and found nothing. Both of us that looked at it are RHEL guys so we know our way around Xorg and such pretty well, but we have limited experience with such an old version of SUSE and are wondering if we missed anything. Any ideas from the forums?

Maybe it’s not saving the xorg.conf, you probably need to re-run sax2 at runlevel 3, so logout and jump to a tty (press ctrl+alt+F1) and login as root user;

init 3
sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia
exit && init 5

In sax2, configure as required and save, once back at the login screen or desktop, try rebooting.

Thank you so much! That worked!