Suse Training Material

I was about to throw these out but thought I’d post here if anyone was interested. I realize they are dated, but still plenty of useful information for some. You can see I wrote on the boxes, but they are still sealed and unopened otherwise.

I will send these for the cost of shipping from 95762. I’m guessing about $15-$20 anywhere in the US. If desired I could take the material out of the boxes to maybe reduce the cost a little more. PayPal only.

If there’s a better place I should post this please let me know. Thanks - Bruce

SLES 10 Advanced Admin Course 3073
SLES 10 Networking Services Course 3074
SLES 10 Security Course 3075

[QUOTE]Originally Posted by linuxacademy
I need books or manuals on SUSE Linux to reach an advanced level - we have a training session at our academy, but it will be only in 5 months, so I have some additional time to [COLOR="#333333"]do my essay[/COLOR] practical samples and forms with projects taken from the previous SCI certifications. I also need exam reviews and questions.[/QUOTE]

Hello, each SUSE course has course manuals, setup documents, lab manuals, and slides on the official page. Besides, you may visit BookAuthority and find more than 50 SUSE Linux books and tutorials > Keir Thomas, Justin Davies, William von Hagen, Roger Whittaker and others.