SuSemanager Database Recovery

We have Susemanager 3.2.3 with postgresql database 9.6. BUT there is a failure with the database, or this file he needed. When susemanager downloaded the latest patches for ‘by example’ sles11-sp4-updates. Then it goes wrong when it wanted to update the DB. ERROR:

2018/11/09 14:31:21 +02:00 Importing packages started.
2018/11/09 14:31:21 +02:00
2018/11/09 14:31:21 +02:00 Importing packages to DB:
2018/11/09 14:31:45 +02:00 could not access status of transaction 12507433
DETAIL: Could not open file “pg_clog/000B”: No such file or directory.
CONTEXT: SQL statement “SELECT 1 FROM ONLY “public”.“rhnpackagecapability” x WHERE “id” OPERATOR(pg_catalog.=) $1 FOR KEY SHARE OF x”

Is there a way to repair this ? Does anyone have experience with this. We don’t know how this happend. But now susemanager GUI thinks that all our SLES11SP4 servers are up to date, because the DB is not updated with the latest patch information.
kind regards, Henk


this looks like a filesystem corruption or a full filesystem. Check the respective partition.

I hope you’ve followed the best practices manual and set up a regular database backup as described here:

Once the partition is repaired and has sufficient space, restore the database from a backup. Then trigger a software profile update for all clients.