Switching Underlying AWS Instance


We are currently running Rancher on a c4.xl AWS instance but it has quickly out grown the available ram. We’d like to move it to a m4.xl host on AWS, keeping the same IP and same DB (DB is in RDS so no problem there).

I’m just wondering if it’s ok to take rancher off line for 5 to 10 minutes while i bring up the new machine. Will this cause problems or is it good to go?


That will be fine, the main thing is keeping the registration URL the hosts know to connect to the same, which your clearly taking care of by keeping the same IP.

During the time the server is down containers on hosts will continue to run as usual. Metadata, DNS, and cross host communication do not directly involve the server container. If you’re unlucky and a host or container dies while the server is down, no action will be taken to replace the container(s) until the server is back to tell the agent to do so.

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