Tape library support at SLES for System z


Does anybody know if an Oracle SL3000 tape library with T10000D drives is supported at SLES for System z ? And more general question — is there a kind of hardware compatibility list for SLES for System z around?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Pete,

not being a System Z guy, I cannot tell about the SL3000 tape lib… if it’s SCSI-connected, chances are high that it will work.

The "hardware compatibility lists are part of the “YES Certified” program - see https://www.suse.com/yessearch/SResults.jsp?bulletinNumber=&keywords=&searchSelect=1&productCategory=&companyKey.type=companyName&companyKey.max=25&companyKey.format=Select&companyKey.original=&companyKey.index=2&novellPlatform=582330&input1=01-01-2001 for results concerning “SLES for System Z”.


Hi, Jens!

Thanks you for the “YES Certified” link. It didn’t help me directly, but it appeared to be a good reference for me. I also mentioned dedicated System z forum, so i’m moving there…