Tech Talk and Business Solutions

Micro Focus has decided to create two new discussion forums for
technical discussions and business solutions. The former would
encompass support for any products from any vendor. The latter would
be for discussions of business problems or issues and the products
that might lead to a solution.

Because we’ve had both of those types of discussions in here for so
many years, excepting Micro Focus support, and many of us know one
another well and have sought advice from one another for so long, if
you choose, you may continue to ask your questions in here that are
covered by those two new forums. You’re not being chased away from
somewhere you feel comfortable, or the people whose advice you trust.
And there’s also nothing wrong with your trying the new discussion
groups, either.

The forums are and via nntp, and via http they’re
both under the General Technical Discussions heading and called
Technical Discussions and Business Solutions.

Micro Focus Community Chat Moderator

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