Terraform and harvester

I’m trying to begin begin using terra form on my local harvester cluster (one node at the moment) but I can work out from the documentation how I point harvester at my cluster the example given in the documentation doesn’t mention where I can enter the VIP for my cluster so the terraform plan/apply commands run again that rather than local host where they seem to run by default

Any help in this would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Okay so I figured it out:
You need a kubeconfig file which is on the harvester server

You can get this by ssh into your server

Use “kubectl config view”

You will like get a permissions issue and the root user doesn’t have kubectl

So use the error message to get the dir of the kubeconfig and copy it to the rancher users home directory (most other places are read only) “sudo chown rancher rke2.yaml” to change the copies owner to the rancher user then you can scp the file to your computer