Terraform on rancher 2.0, missing field clusterId

Trying to get my rancher 2.0 working, using terraform. I have it working in rancher v1.6, but when I moved to 2.0. I get the following error. Not sure if it is a rancher issue or a terraform provider issue. Any help appreciated. Here is the error message.

terraform apply
rancher_environment.dev: Creating…
description: “” => "Development environment"
member.#: “” => ""
name: “” => "dev"
orchestration: “” => "cattle"
project_template_id: “” => ""
Error applying plan:

1 error(s) occurred:

  • rancher_environment.dev: 1 error(s) occurred:

  • rancher_environment.dev: Bad response statusCode [422]. Status [422 Unprocessable Entity]. Body: [baseType=error, code=MissingRequired, fieldName=clusterId] from []

This is not one-on-one compatible as we now have environments and clusters, and no cattle orchestration anymore. This will probably needs be extended to provide a version in the rancher provider or a rancher2 provider.