Test Server Licensing

I have a virtual machine running SUSE 12sp4 in production. I want to make a copy of that machine so that I can do a test distribution and application upgrade. When I start the copy, it will be with a different name and IP address, but I want to be able to connect to SUSE for the distribution upgrade downloads. Does this require a paid license even though it will not be used in production and will be deleted after testing?

@“skornegay@sosnc.gov” Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Is the virtual machine host running SLES? If you check SUSE Customer Center https://scc.suse.com/ does the license allow extra virtual machines for your entitlement? But it is probably something you need to ask your SUSE Partner…

If you have a valid license you can register several virtual machines “VM”. Because the licensing Suse is for sockets and it doesn’t for the amount the VMs. As the co-working says you can consult in the Suse Customer Center “https://scc.suse.com”.
Only a note the version SUSE 12sp4 doesn’t have support official Suse because this support finish in “30 Jun 2020”.