Tftp SUSE 15 SP4

I am trying to move to Suse 15 SP4 and the only thing I need to configure is tftp. My vm will have 3 distinct IP addresses and will run 3 distinct tftp servers. I did this before under centos using xinetd.d with the tftp configuration file.

But Suse 15 is using /etc/sysconfig/tftp and I am just trying to figure out how I can bind 3 different tftp servers each to its own ip address and each gets a different directory to root from.

When I go into yast from what I see I can only configure one instance of a tftp server and I have not been able to figure out how to bind it to a specific ip address only.

Any help would be much appreciated as the system we pxe boot is rather odd and needs at least 2 instances of tftp which are chained together via menu choices. It is an odd design with no chances of being changed.


OK so no replies and after thinking and digging at this and understanding how this all works under systemd. I decided to just create 3 new services and modify /etc/sysconfig/tftp to have entries for the 3 services. Some advantages it can wait till the tftpboot directory is mounted before starting the services so that is a plus. Under xinetd sometimes tftpd would get started before the mount was established.

durga:/usr/lib/systemd/system # cat tftp1.service
Description=Tftp1 Server

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/in.tftpd -u $TFTP_USER1 -s $TFTP_DIRECTORY1 $TFTP_OPTIONS1