the volume filesystem root has only 0 bytes disk space

Hi experts,

Recently, we’ve encountered the follow error. “Low disk Space” see screenshots below.

Is there I can to to expand my disk? This is for SAP HANA.


Are you running btrfs filesystem and snapshots on / ?

Are you running btrfs filesystem and snapshots on / ?[/QUOTE]

Hi malcolmlewis, no I’m not running those two. :frowning:

So possibly the log files (/var/log), lots of /tmp files perhaps? Also
look down in the zypper cache (/var/cache);

du -sh /tmp /var/log /var/cache

Or maybe something is being backed up locally?

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Hello Malcolm,

Here’s the result of the command:

hanab1:~ # du -sh /tmp /var/log /var/cache
1.2G	/tmp
40M	/var/log
13M	/var/cache

Is there anyway to expand that current filesize?

So what is the filesystem on / ext4?

But 50G should be more than ample, just expanding the filesystem is going to mask the issue…

I would suggest a look at the directories under / with du to isolate where usage is (not a user, /home ?)

Hi Bry,

It may prove helpful finding big / large files in the “/” filesystem (“root filesystem”) that may be filling up that file system (but excluding the “/hana” file system, since that one is mounted on a different device).

The “find” command below finds large files (greater than 100 MB), but excluding files that are located under the folders / directories “/proc” , “/var/lib/ntp/proc” and “/hana”.

I suggest that you try the following command for yourself and see if the output helps you in “finding the culprit”:

find / \\( -path /proc -o -path /var/lib/ntp/proc -o -path /hana \\) -prune -o -type f -size +100M  -print0 | xargs -0 ls -lh

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