Third-Party Authentication

I have an OTP auth solution that runs on a set of protected servers. I want to configure my SLES 11 server to forward my local auths (logins, both at the GNOME XWindows login prompt and ssh logins) to that auth server. Since there is no native PAM module for this third-party auth solution, the third-party auth solution has its own RADIUS server, so I would be doing RADIUS authentications when I go to login to the SLES 11 server. But those RADIUS authentications would need to be forwarded to that other system that has the RADIUS server on it.

How do I configure my SLES 11 server to accomplish that?


aquick Goolge search gave me the following link to a sample configuration file, where it looks like you could configure the remote server:

[CODE] pam_radius_auth configuration file. Copy to: /etc/raddb/server # […]

server[:port] shared_secret timeout (s) secret 1 other-server other-secret 3

Does that help?


I appreciate the attempt but that really wasn’t helpful.