Timeout in rancher-compose up

Occasionally when I run rancher-compose up on my stack, I will get a timeout error when running a stack with slow-starting services.

time="2017-08-22T14:15:50Z" level=error msg="Failed to start: my-service : Get http://rancher-server:8080/v2-beta/services/1s301: net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)" 
time="2017-08-22T14:15:50Z" level=fatal msg="net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while reading body)" 

However, the startup was successful. Is there a way to increase this timeout?

I have the exact same problem. This only started recently and now happens almost every time the rancher-compose up is used to deploy services on one particular stack.

Being able to configure the timeout would help a lot. Anyway to do that?

I also have the same issue with rancher 1.6.5. Seems to be happens with compose.yml with many services.

Are you guys also have haproxy infront of ur rancher server?

No haproxy. But our compose file does consist of 6 services.

If you’re using the rancher-compose cli, please consider moving the the rancher cli. It is replacing rancher-compose and supports all the same functionality. More importantly, its where we focus most of our development efforts. @Listener_me @Jeroenare you all using rancher-compose or rancher?

@cjellick, I am using rancher GUI to deploy the catalog, not using APIs