Timeouting agent.reconnect processes for removed load balancers

Rancher: 1.0.1


CLI> rancher-compose up --upgrade
# containers keep failing on launch (my fault because patch was missing chmod a+x)
CLI> Ctrl+C
Web UI> Cancel Upgrade
# Finish Upgrade appeared. I was bit confused and clicked on it.
Web UI> Finish Upgrade
# Containers still keep failing...
# Finally I realise why and fix the issue.
# Load balancers are launched and running. Yay!

Then I go to Admin Processes and see running agent.deactivate processes with exit reason TIMEOUT. Count of processes is same as count of load balancers. So I assume this happend becaused of my failed deployment.

Is it possible to safely remove them?


What exactly are you trying to remove and how?

I was unable to reproduce your issue in v1.2.0-pre1. I wasn’t able to trigger any agent.deactivate processes to updating load balancers.