Installing a SLES11SP2 using AutoYast


I am attempting to locate an autoinst.xml file, used by AutoYast to do the installation. In VMware I am able to pass it the parameter when the ISO has booted, and I am presented with the choices to either boot from disk, or install the media. I mark installation and write: autoyast=device://sr0/autoinst.xml

The autoinst.xml is placed in the root of the ISO file structure. Xen center does not give me the options to boot from disk or install when I boot the image. Instead it start up some other oldschool sort of process. Though I am able to add this parameter to the OS boot parameters in the Boot Options menu, but this gives me an error when booting the image. It is not able to locate the file. I have attempted numerous things, such as autoyast=file://autoyast.xml, autoyast=defailt and many others, but it is still not able to locate the file. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Jacob,

You could try: autoyast=file:///autoinst.xml - note that there are three forward slashes. This will look in the root of the media.


I figured it out. For some reason, Xen mounts the ISO onto xvdd. So autoyast=device://xvdd/autoinst.xml was the solution.


Thanks for letting us know.