Traefik Application Setup

Hi there, recently I’ve installed the latest Rancher version on a DigitalOcean droplet, and connected it to a K8s cluster (also DO) in the hopes of replacing my current docker swarm setup with a cheaper solution (as well as nicer UI).

I successfully installed the Traefik Application, however I’m not entirely certain about how I’m supposed to setup my pods to use it? In swarm I would set a host/enable/port label on the service/container and it would automatically work, however when I do the same on Rancher it doesn’t show up in the Traefik dashboard, and gives a 404 if I attempt to connect to that domain name.

I’ve been googling for about a day now and have found almost no information in regards to the Traefik application setup, any help would be much appreciated (Bare in mind that I am new to rancher and K8s please)