Trouble downloading from private DockerHub account

After creating a new machine, I tried to start up my rancher stack and the images were not being downloaded. I stopped the “up” command and removed any containers. Then I added an account in the Registries page to access my private DockerHub account. When I “up” the stack again, the containers are in “Storage Download…” forever.

Any idea how to solve other than doing a manual pull?

Could you provide Rancher version, OS version?

When you say Rancher stack, what do you mean? Is this trying to start Rancher or a different stack? Can you provide the docker-compose.yml?

The images are coming from a private registry? What registry is it using? A custom address or docker or

You can close the issue. The problem was not with Rancher, but with slow connection. H

However, pulling images in Rancher is not very informative. It would create if the UI could present a view similar to Docker’s showing the various layers being pull and the completion status.