Troubleshooting Catalog Service

I just upgraded to 0.63.1 and our private rancher catalog stopped working. When I pull up one of our catalog entries I see the name and description, but just get the small loading spinner for the rest of the details.

Unfortunately its a private repo so I can’t share it. I’m sure its something I have misconfigured, I just need a hint on where can I look to start troubleshooting this?

So far I’ve tried I’ve deleting and recreating the catalog entry in Admin -> Settings, but no luck.

When I hit the catalog refresh button I see the request message in the console log, but no errors.

Mar 22 22:12:26 a1admrancher01 docker/rancher-server[1144]: time="2016-03-22T22:12:26Z" level=info msg="Request to refresh catalog" 

Component Version
Rancher v0.63.1
Cattle v0.155.1
User Interface v0.95.0
Rancher Compose v0.7.2