App Catalog - Error syncing catalog

We’ve created a helm chart catalog on gitlab and are trying to use it in Rancher and are seeing "Error syncing catalog " under Manage Catalogs when we do an update. The update seems to work, we are just seeing that error.

We can delete and re-add the catalog without getting the error. Shortly after updating the gitlab repository the error shows up. We can also re-add the repo and click on ‘refresh’ and it will show up as well.

The repository seems to be working fine and it is using the updates. We can make small cosmetic changes (like changing a label) - they will show up when launching an app. And will still cause the error to show up in Manage Catalogs.

So this seems to be a cosmetic problem. Just want to see if anyone else has seen this and/or if there is anything we are doing wrong.

Hello !
I had the same issue when i tried to add a new app.
First i checked my gitlab user rights (but it doesn’t seem to be your case)
Then in the rancher log :
kubectl logs <rancher-pod> -n cattle-system -f i’ve seen some DNS errors.

So i checked every name / filename / references in my folder. Rancher seems to check the Chart.yml file first, so i’ve corrected this file : the app name inside had a caps like “sonarQube” instead of “sonarqube” and, so i corrected it and worked.
I imagine that, if doesn’t solve your issue you should check for the rancher logs !

Feel free to reply/correct my answer if you have any more information :slight_smile:

Just trying to help

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It perfectly solves the problem I met, thx a lot!