two new network Interfaces in KVM Virtual Machine

Hello Forum Users,

my Problem is about a Virtual Machine with SLES 12. This one with KVM and the Virtual Manager.

I would like to install two more Network Interfaces, to my existing one, in the Virtual Maschine.
I have read the following Forum article in this theme here: „Xen Bridge 2nd NIC“ and „VLAN“

The target is to configure a bridge and install the IDS Snort on the V- Machine. The third one is to Manage the machine.

This all with virsh or the Virtual Manager GUI.

To this date the communication between Host and Guest was without Problems.

Until now the description calls: Host- Gerät eth1 (Bridge ‘br0’)

Now I have following choice for new devices:

Network Source: 	1. Host- Gerät eth0: macvtap
			2. Virtuelles Netzwerk 'default' : NAT (inaktiv)
			3. Namen des gemeinsamen verwendeten Gerätes angeben.
			4. Host- Gerät eth1 (Bridge 'br0')
			5. Host-Gerät vlan0: macvtap

Device Model: 	1. rtl8139
			2. virtio
			3. pcnet
			4. ne2k_pci
			5. eepro100
			6. e1000
			7. Hypervisor-Standard

If I use macvtap I get following error message:

„ In most configurations, macvtap does not work for host to guest network communication.“

and following choices: 1. Bridge
3. Private
4. Passtrough

I have try some things with vlan and a second bridge but I don’t understand more.
How can I get two new simple Network Interfaces in the Virtual Machine ?

Thanks a lot,


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