Change networking interface name


I don’t know how i have modified the interface name br0 by br1, but it’s do, and my virtual machine ( on KVM) can not to be launch, because virt-manager know br0 and not br1…

How can i change the interface name, i tried :

#ifconfig br1 down
#ifconfig br0 up

But it don’t work!!!

Maybe i could do that inside KVM but where exactly ?


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I think when I last did any configuration changes like this I did so via
Yast. A bridge device isn’t a hardware device so it should all be
configurable. The config files are probably the ones stored in

Good luck.

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Hi cmigroup,

bridges, if set up via standard mechanism, receive their “interface” name from the corresponding part of their configuration file - as “ab” pointed out, look at /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-br* to see if the bridge config file somehow got named “ifcfg-br1” and if so, rename it to “ifcfg-br0” after bringing down br1…