Unable run kubectl exec

unable run kubectl exec & port forwarding command after upgrading to rancher 2.7.3

$ kubectl exec -it -n cip-only nginx-795b5b8f9-mtqff – /bin/bash
Error from server:

more info about the error might be helpful.
Do you know the free tool k9s? With it you can open a shell for an existing pod and do port-forwarding very easily.
Have a look at

Somehow not able to put entire error msg. but following i am getting at end

ers.go:246] server response object: [{
“metadata”: {}

can you open a shell from within the Rancher-UI with the “execute shell” command at the pod (…)?

i can get shell access from rancher ui.
not able to run kubectl exec & kubectl port-forwarding command from cli


I had the same message before enable websockets on proxy (load balancer) on which we use to access port 6443 of rancher. Also we have to enable spdy/3.1