Unable To Access Repository URLs

Referencing the v4 API documentation I am able to pull a list of products available in my organization with “/organizations/products” but when trying to access any of the repository URLs I am handed back I get a 404 response.
In the API documentation there is no mention of authentication being required for these URLs, I have attempted basic auth, different headers, etc.
Would appreciate any help in this matter.

Looping through the response of “/organizations/products” under the “repositories” key there is a list of dictionaries that have “url” as a key. When trying to preform a GET request on that URL I am getting a 404 responce.

I apologize, but I’m not sure what API you are talking about. Do you have documentation you are following or sample code so I can help better?

Hello, I am referencing the following API.

I’m going to move this question to the SCC portion of the forums so someone there might be able to help better.

Hi Sharon,
the repositories on updates.suse.com are authenticated with a token. You can obtain the list of repositories including token over the “/organizations/repositories” API.