updates urls


im using scc to obtain update urls for my sles instance

im trying to get’em like this
curl -H “Authorization: Token token=reg_code_here” https://scc.suse.com/connect/subscriptions/products | tr “,” "
" | grep -i “url” | grep -i “SLE-SERVER”

result is like :


how long do those urls live ?
ive got both trial and payed subscription.

For me it seems like thos url are working for ~24hr. Is there any way to get them with longer ttl, or any way to create local repo with updates for my farm which has no acces to internet ?

The easiest way would be to use a system with SMT (Subscription
Management Toll) that has internet access for updates and bring them
down this way. Then you can set you internal systems to access this (vi
a proxy?) with SUSEConnect --url (See man 8 SUSEConnect)

Else use YaST add on creator from the internet facing system to create
an update iso image, this iso could then be added as a local repo
available to the internal systems via a http server.

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