Unable to add Digital Ocean and AWS host to rancher Server

I am using rancher server v0.47.0 on Ubuntu VM. I am trying to add Hosts form AWS and DigitalOcean , but it not working.
When I add hosts , its starts ec2 instance on AWS and it stops automatically afer a minute and
rancher shows error “OS type not recognized”

When I add hosts , its starts Droplet on DigitalOcean and further procedure get stuck in “CREATING” state until timeout happens.

I am assuming you are adding through the UI? All that we’re doing is calling docker-machine create.

For AWS, it sounds like you picked an OS type that isn’t supported by Docker-Machine.

In both cases, if timeouts occur, it is most likely a docker-machine issue. You could try upgrading to v0.50.1, which now supports docker-machine v0.5.2.