Unable to download patch file

A patch needs to be downloaded to fix a vulnerability, but the download icon is disabled and this is not possible
os: suse11-sp4
package: sudo-1.7.6p2- , sudo-1.7.6p2-

Patch: Recommended update for sudo

In the patches, just search for sudo and it will populate with all of the updates/patches. Then scroll down I see it under the date “May 14 2020” and is slessp4-sudo-14370 assuming you have an LTSS subscription it should be available…

How can I tell if my account is TLSS or not?
I can install it with the operating system itself but why can’t I download it?

@Maham Hi, I suspect whilst it shows in the search, they no longer exist as these downloads. You must have an LTSS subscription (or an active one) if can download. Should be in the zypper rpm cache on the system you installed on as well…