Unable to mount NFS share

Hi Guys,

I’m struggling to mount an NFS share automaticlaly on bootup. I’ve used this command…

sudo ros config set mounts ‘[[“IPADDR:/mnt/NAS/data/OnlyOffice”,"/mnt/OnlyOfficeDocumentServer",“nfs4”, “”]]’

and when I do a get mount config: i get


    • IPADDR:/mnt/NAS/data/OnlyOffice
    • /mnt/OnlyOfficeDocumentServer
    • nfs4
    • “”

I reboot, and it is not mounted. I have confirmed that I am able to mount successfully by doing a regular mount -t

Any help is appreciated!

Can’t you just use /etc/fstab to automatically mount on bootup similar to our setup.
With an entry similar to this one:
mynfsfileserver.com:/var/data /var/kubedata nfs defaults 0 0

You can also add the NFS volume as a shared volume and add a claim (rancher 2.x, not sure about 1.x). I’m doing this with a number of NFS mounts and it works great.